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Training For Balance

Believe Authority Learn Accountability No Excuses Consistency Encouragement

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Pilates and

Strength Training Studio


Training For Balance (TFB) offers an innovative workout specifically designed to strengthen, tighten and tone the body quickly and safely. This Pilates training, conducted by former women’s bodybuilder and personal trainer for 38 years, Carla McDonough, is a unique fusion of Pilates, cardio and strength training. Carla’s workouts are based upon the Principles of Pilates but also emphasize in strength training and cardio elements to achieve muscle definition faster than traditional Pilates and/or weight training alone. Training with Carla provides the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditions. The ever-changing routines, fun music and private atmosphere provide maximum results that will leave you wanting to come back for more! Carla specializes in semi-private, private and groups settings. This Pilates studio prizes itself being a warm and inviting atmosphere to all clients. Carla also has experience working with clients with specialized medical conditions to help them achieve proper rehabilitation.


Pilates training that targets and improves strength, toning, balance, flexibility, alignment and coordination aiming to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

About me
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About Carla McDonough!

I Live in San Pedro, CA.  I own and Operate Training for Balance Studio here in San Pedro.  I received 1st Place in the Mr & Ms - Los Angeles Natural Bodybuilding Championship in 2008.

I am the founder of Training for Balance, Dance with Expression, while continuing to instruct individuals in the positive aspects of weight training. 

My Goal is to help as many people as I can to be the Best that they can be no matter the difficulties and barriers put in their way.  Contact me and let me help you to get the Body and Balance that you have always desired.

Let me Help You to be all That U Can be!


Waves of growth run through my inner parts
Sitting still in much solitude, searching deeper into the hearts.


Guarding firmly beliefs that have meaning to me

Like gathering precious shells given up by the sea.


It's a place alone.... that no other can go

A joy, such sorrow, the tears just flow.


Questions are shallow...Answers even more brief

Resting of mind bring on much relief.


A gap, a hole, a time in a life

where healing is necessary, a dislodging of strife.


I still use my senses although it's not my home

 Adapting to inner conscience around people or alone.


At times it seems so selfish to strain for possibilities

But better knows my Creator the ways He's fashioned me.


Many trials come at me, the temptation's to stand still

I chose love, humility & courage of my free and personal will.


So, Waves of Growth run through my inner parts

I wait, I rest, I chose action & learn while the next season starts.


Carla McDonough---March 2008

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My Family

Carla & Family.jpg

Pilates Lifestyle

Life is Motion. Pilates is Movement for Life.

For so many of us, Pilates is much more than an exercise method - it is a way of life.

A fusion of the mind and body based on the reawakening of dormant muscle and brain cells, Pilates gives us the opportunity to live a life where the gap between functional motion and enlivened thought has been bridged.

Real People, Real Pilates, Real Stories

Throughout the years we've heard people tell us how the benefits of Pilates have changed their lives - sometimes dramatically. We think you should hear them, too…

Having a Balanced Body

No matter who we are or what shape we are in, we feel how Pilates enhances the everyday activities of our lives - whether it’s just bending over to pick up the newspaper or running a 26-mile marathon. And by becoming ingrained in our thought process it can move beyond the physical realm - essentially teaching us to effectively manage our entire being while providing a positive connection to our sense of self.

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Classes that we Offer

No Membership Fee!  US MILITARY, Active and Retired

receive 30% off all pricing with ID Verification.

             INDIVIDUAL / PRIVATE SESSIONS: (one on one Instruction)

                   ●  Single Session:            ●  $90.00 per Session when Purchased separately  

                     12 Session Package:   ●  $85.00 per session    ●   $1020.00 Package Price

                   ●  24 Session Package:   ●  $80.00 per session    ●   $1920.00 Package Price

              US MILITARY SESSIONS: (one on one Instruction)

                   ●  Single Session:            ●  $63.00 per Session when Purchased separately  

                   ●  12 Session Package:   ●  $59.50 per session   ●   $714.00 Package Price

                   ●  24 Session Package:   ●  $56.00 per session   ●   $1344.00 Package Price

             GROUP SESSIONS: (3-5 participants per group)

                   ●  Single Session:            ●  $80.00 per Session when Purchased separately  

                     12 Session Package:   ●  $75.00 per session     ●   $900.00 Package Price

                   ●  24 Session Package:   ●  $870.00 per session   ●   $1680.00 Package Price

               US MILITARY  GROUP SESSIONS: (3-5 participants per group)

                     Single Session:             ●  $56.00 per Session when Purchased separately  

                     12 Session Package:    ●  $52.50 per session    ●   $630.00 Package Price

                     24 Session Package:    ●  $49.00 per session    ●   $1176.00 Package Price

    ●  No Membership Fees 

    ●  All Sessions by Appointment

    ●  12 Session packages expire 8 weeks after the date of purchase

    ●  24 session packages expire 16 weeks after the date of purchase

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